How to install Drush on cPanel Shared Hosting

How to install Drush on cPanel Shared Hosting

The Drush command-line utility is only available on platforms that have php-cli. This means that this will only work in cPanel shared hosting. Drush is not able to be installed in any 4GH Linux shared hosting account. This article is meant to assist advanced users who are already familiar with using SSH.

Drush is a command-line utility for the Drupal web application. It provides advanced functionality for powerusers who wish to manage their Drupal site via SSH. These advanced functions include rapidly clearing the Drupal cache, installing and managing additional extensions such as security modules, and being able to quickly backup, restore, and deploy Drupal sites in one location or over a network. More information on the different options available for Drush can be obtained at Drush's support site. An excellent resource for learning and using the commands included in Drush is This guide will outline how to properly install Drush to a cPanel shared hosting account, and these external resources can better assist you in using the Drush Utility


Drupal + Drush. Часто используемые команды.

Загрузка и установка сайта

Загрузка последней стабильной версии Drupal

drush dl 

Предварительный выбор версии

drush dl --select

Установка сайта со стандартным профилем

drush site-install standard --db-url='mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name]' --site-name=Example

Полезные опции

Загрузка модуля (в папку sites/all/modules)

drush dl modulename


Установка Drush 8 под windows (10)

Drush — это мощная утилита для управления друпалом из командной строки. С помощью drush можно скачивать, устанавливать, включать и выключать модули, проверять обновления, устанавливать темы, очищать кэш, делать синхронизацию баз и много другое.

Итак, установка на Windows:

  1. Устанавливаем Composer с помощью Windows Installer.